Radio Signify (Airdate: July 9th)


The Radio Signify project is slowly but surely expanding, the page is growing adding new elements, we now have a schedule that I will try to do my best to adhere to. One lesson that I have learned since the whole project launched, is that for every setback there is an opportunity to think outside the box and come up with up with a solution. Now, to be able to do all that I have practiced some self-care, have gotten some sleep, have meditated to the best of my ability, it is important to decompress and declutter your mind to be able to let that creativity flow and create wonderful things in the process, I’ve been a creative person ever since I could remember myself, in school I would create these presentations by burning the paper slightly making it look as if it’s incredibly old, a definite eye catcher, I used to draw really well, I may gotten average grades in math, chemistry and physics but I most certainly excelled at arts and crafts. Well, this is yet another opportunity to be creative so that maybe someday this project becomes my success story, my piece de resistance, something that I can always go back to when the times get rough, something that I can use to connect with you all, something that I can use to speak my mind and share some of my empathy and ease the burden off my shoulders as often it gets heavy to carry, and that’s maybe because I always take on too much, I always think that if not me then who else, I’m both trying to be courageous but I am often afraid as we may have seen the world can be often cruel, but we persevere and we do so better when we’re not alone, I’m not sure if I’ve said it before but this a community project from my community to my community, for me, for us, for everyone who wants to be a part of something that bring people together and leaves them in a better shape than the one they were found in. We’ll make sure we try every possible avenue, and we exhaust all the options before we give up but in the meantime we will try everything.

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