Free Britney (Airdate: July 9th)


I wanna take a few moments to mention Britney and the movement meant to give back the body autonomy that she so richly deserves for one, and two, to gain her independence back to be able to do what she sees fit for herself and her children, movement that is picking up steam and given the magnitude of it all the only outcome I see is for the conservatorship that now has lasted for thirteen years to come to a close. In a meeting with a judge, she pleaded, and I quote “I just want my life back” words that are both haunting and painful to hear someone say especially considering the event that triggered it all and what a spectacular failure it has been to appoint someone who has been toxic and damaging to her both as a private entity and public figure. I grew up listening to her music and to me she’s been a trailblazer and a voice to so many, yet I remember how extremely judgmental and lacking any empathy the public reaction has been over the years and most people should remember the “Leave the Britney” viral video that now saw headlines such as “we owe Chris a collective apology” as there have been more of us all to realize just how ignorant and shortsighted some of us have been in our treatment of female public figures in distressing situations such as Britney herself, Amy Winehouse, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and so many more, there is a stark difference between 2007 and 2021 in regards to the terms being used to discuss celebrity topics and I truly hope that predatory, sleezy, opportunistic, disparaging articles will no longer be published in this day and age. In the next following days, I would like to share Chris’s story and where his plea to treat Britney as a person first and foremost came from, the parallels between Britney’s struggles and the ones of his mom, and just discuss how horribly Chris was treated for simply being a gay man and expressing his thoughts and feeling on the matter. Lastly but not least there have been rumors that she may choose to retire from the music industry, and I truly hope that that’s not true unless she really wants that, unless she feels that that will make her truly happy, accomplished and wholesome, not because she feels forced to in attempt to get a life that resembles any sense of normalcy. I may not have the audience that many radio stations out there have but I feel compelled to speak up and to defend those that need it the most, that’s what Chris has done over the years, that’s I want to do as well hoping that someday it will inspire someone else to carry on the torch.

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