Climate Change (Airdate: July 9th)


Now let’s talk a little bit about the climate, I read the other day how cities in Romania where I’m from, are struggling with rising air temperatures and I wondered to myself if only they knew the temperatures that now have completely engulfed the western side of the Americas, while they’re experiencing mid-nineties, in Las Vegas we’re experiencing temperatures averaging 110 and even 115, many people have succumbed in the state of Washington, Oregon and California and in many Canadian regions as well, you would think that Canada is so far up north that perhaps they would be spared but no, this has to be the hottest summer in the modern history of this continent, if we as humanity want to survive then perhaps we need to spring into action and invest in emission free methods of producing our electricity and try to slow down the ever rising rates of global warming, our oceans and seas are warming up, I read an article about the sea snot, yes sea snot that has affected the Turkish coasts, slime that suffocating the ocean and sea life that is accelerating the global warming even more, there is a slippery slope that it feels like we’re going down on so I asked myself, what is the best way to reach people who don’t believe in climate change, is there a middle ground and I believe there is, what I always say in a conversation about the climate is that it will always change regardless of what we, humans, do but to ignore the impact we humans have on it is downright criminal and negligent. We should invest more in solar, wind and hydro, we need to invest in our infrastructure so that we don’t keep experiencing blackouts which for a country like the Unites States are downright embarrassing, according to some reports hundreds of people have died in the winter blackout in Texas and more could lose their life during summer blackouts as the high temperatures are forcing people to make more use of the ACs which in turns puts a huge strain on its electrical grid, over the past few weeks I have had several guests stay at the hotel I work for because their cars have broken down from extreme heat, their ACs have given up and their homes have become unbearable to live in. Parts of the country are at extreme risk for forest fires, parts are being battered by hurricanes, parts are being mowed down by destructive tornadoes, it makes me wonder, are there parts of the country where one could feel safe away from natural disasters? Every year such disasters end up costing us all trillions of dollars that most likely will into the pockets of billionaires who seem to know the tax code very well since they manage to pay next to nothing or avoid paying any taxes to the federal government all together. But the good news is, there is still time to turn things around, but it will take a united front to combat the extreme weather events that been fueled by extreme carelessness. Let us invest and provide training to our workers and provide them with clean job that doesn’t damage their lungs and provide them with a living wage, so they don’t have to struggle to provide for their families. Some of our representatives might have been onto something when they proposed investing in people as a part of the infrastructure bill, for us all to be able to function we need to know that we have access to day care, to healthcare, that we are able to cover our rent or invest in buying a house, that are able to obtain an education without plunging ourselves into years upon years of student loans debt, that we are able to afford our food, to know the prices won’t go up because a natural disaster has wiped our crops or a foreign enemy has hacked into our systems causing for our gases prices to rise. Climate change is not something that can be covered in a short internal monologue, but we should always keep the conversation alive and try to get us all on the common ground I mentioned earlier.

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