Black Widow (Airdate: July 9th)


On my best friend’s birthday, we’re going to gear up our immersive VR headsets and watch Black Widow on a giant virtual screen because for one we are huge Marvel movie fans and for two, here at Radio Signify we are all about female empowerment, long overdue but Scarlett Johansson will finally helm her own action blockbuster for the Marvel Studios where hopefully she will get to bring down yet another Marvel villain the Taskmaster whose identity has been kept under tight wraps though if it turns out to be someone somewhat justified in their vengeful actions and later is redeemed it wouldn’t be the first time a baddie turned into a hero or the other way around for that matter. My absolute all-time favorite Marvel superhero is Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlett Witch who for the first time in the movie universe at least has been recognized by its comic books name. The expectations are that she could become a villain in the next iteration of the Doctor Strange saga and I for one cannot wait for it. In the spirit of true gender equality female characters can become just as bad and just as impeccable foes as their male counterparts, I mean remember Thanos? While completely off his hinges I thought there was something poetic about his evil ways and huge credit goes to the writers and the directors Joe and Anthony Russo. Now I know how to appreciate the delicious evilness as long as it fictional and on screen, in real life we could use more empathy and understanding. We will definitely talk a little bit more about female empowerment and gender equality as one cannot exist without the other but remember one thing before anyone gets their panties twisted in a bunch that it’s possible to achieve gender equality and female empowerment without taking anything away from our fellow men but right now right this moment I want dedicate this next song to our strong female figures.

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