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The place where timeless musical gems intertwine with much-needed conversations.


If you are an advocate for human rights, racial justice, fair pay, mental health, and women’s rights, and happen to love good music, then you are in the right place.


To listen to a preview of what is yet to come on Radio Signify starting Monday, please have a listen through the SoundCloud player below.


– Gabe

Practice Makes Perfect

I don’t even know what else to say that I haven’t said already in this video, fighting depression easy so what you’re seeing is me rising to the surface and taking a gulp of air and seeing if I can stay above water for as long as I can. I’m still very much fighting for my radio dream, called Radio Signify, I wanna broadcast live and my strategy is to grow the newsletter mailing list that is up to anyone to join on the radio web page so that when there is a broadcast scheduled or a live stream scheduled that not only there is someone who want to listen but also someone who can join in into the conversation.

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“Ain’t runnin’ from myself no more
I’m ready to face it all
If I lose myself, I lose it all”

Since the first time I heard it I’ve had this feeling like I’ve been listening to this song my whole life, as if it spoke to me to tell me to stop running from myself and learn to love and appreciate myself and for the value that I bring to the world. I am so much more than a sad childhood and countless failures, I am a fantastic human being with a giant heart with more empathy that one could care for, I am here to inspire and be inspired. And this song and performance teaches me that. A master class in motivation and underwater artistry. Highly recommend to watch in the dark.  – Gabe

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Long overdue thank you to two incredibly special humans to me who have been a voice of encouragement inside my head for the past couple of weeks. This project still lives in no small part thanks to you. No words could possibly ever be able to convey what your contribution means to me. Mary and Danielle, thank you for being the best life fairy godmothers one could wish for.


Gabriel DiLaurentis (born Eugeniu)


32 years of age, born in Moldova (double citizen of Romania; sounds fancy, it’s not)


US resident since 2015.


Have lived in California, Connecticut, Indiana, and now located in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Terms I would use to describe myself are sincere, painfully honest, loyal to a fault, truthful, highly intelligent, dependable, open minded, considerate, warm, highly empathetic, trustful, compassionate, and many more. I never stop improving upon myself. For as long as we live, we should never stop learning and improving in our quest to becoming better versions of ourselves. I would like to think of myself as becoming an advocate for social and racial justice, for equal rights, for equal pay, for freedom of press, for ending domestic violence, for reproductive rights, for voting rights, and many more causes near and dear to my heart.